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February 17, 2010, 8:50 am
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The window of the woman learning

by Jenny Chynoweth

Girl with awkward fat pushing against

defenseless hand-me-down sweatpants,

cowering within, praying for invisibility

crying out for attention


You are not the lolli-pop sucking, bonnet-wearing

temptation of innocence

prey to the derangement of boys or men obsessed,

not victim to probing hands, whispering tongues


You are not the unremarkable sea of beigeness

who hides her sexual huntress under Eddie Bauer

holding back the goddess along with the demons

your inner Aphrodite choked

into submission


You are the transient

manifestation of all your human learning

blazing through the cosmos in this

mad dash of experience

waves and particles dancing

to the tune of all that is

all that ever was

flickering between forms, lives, lessons

traveling along frequencies of healing

timeless probabilities collide within

burning bright with infinity

You are a mogul of feminine creativity

aligning the stars with your passion

feeling around corners.

gaps in the cosmos are your playground,

sandboxes filled with synchronicities

await inspired constructions.

living spherically you are not one

but all tendrils reaching out

to feel the pulse of the universe,

building empires with your power.

You are goddess divine unleashed

Venus, Psyche, and Isis meet in you,

awaiting new adventures through you.

you tease with every commandment

of your body, alluring slow caresses

radiate waves of the sensual pleasure of being-ness

the power of womanhood is

yours to focus

Eddie Bauer beige stomped

into nothingness by red stilettos

Inspired by “The window of the woman burning” by Marge Piercy